Jeradiah Bailleford

Wealthy banker, rogue and Chief of Coin at the New Diol Holding Company


Grew up with a poor fishing family, watched the machinations of the local oligarchy. He determined, with access to the right resources, and being important to the right people, he could succeed despite his lowly origins.

During his early teens, there was a harsh winter where his family were struggling to eat. He noticed that only the poor suffered from the famine, the rich were still able to eat heartily. This reinforced the idea that he would aim to become one of the cities rich, so as to never want for basic needs. In the mean time, he’d be forced to take it. That was the first winter that he took to stealing. Turns out that he was really good at it too.

Over the years he kept up his larceny habit, and had started to accumulate a sizable horde. It was beginning to get pretty inconvenient to hide. He began offering his services as an investor to socially inconsequential persons, using these investments as a cover for his growing weath. Over several more years, an increasing reputation as an investor and his increasing pile of loot led him to believe he needed to expand his operation. Thus was born the idea of founding a guild – The New Diol Holding Company.

The idea was sensible, but Jeradiah was struggling to convince others to work with him. Then – a stroke of luck. While navigating the sewers on one of his nightly jaunts into the homes of the rich and powerful he saw something glinting in the shallows. Always willing to get his hands dirty for a bit of coin, he fished it out to discover some kind of ring. Deciding it’d look good with his investor disguise he started wearing it when he met with potential customers. The ring seemed to contain some kind of telepathic power, that allowed him to hear the thoughts of others. The underside of the ring had a carving in it in the shape of an eye, similar to that of the stones he’d seen Demorthen use. The power was a huge boon to his interactions with clients and made it almost trivial to secure their contracts.

After the discovery of his ring business boomed, and his legitimate work was nearly as valuable as his … less legitimate work. The New Diol Holding Company has 4 main areas of business: looking after customers money in secure vaults, insuring the valuables of the rich, investing in capital ventures, and stealing. The banking guild doubling as a theives guild. Indeed, most of the payouts for insurance were from items the guild had itself stolen.

As his needs to be wealthy dried up, and Jeradiah had more money than a poor fishermans son knew what to do with, his drive turned from wealth to collecting. He started seeking items of rarity, that money could not buy. He’d either aim to acquire them from their current owners, who may have made the mistake of insuring it with his guild, or he’d buy information on their where-abouts and go hunting for them in dank dungeons and forgotten caves.

Jeradiah Bailleford

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